Flag display was not appropriate

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Larry Cauthen

Why did our local post office fly our national flag at half staff on Nov. 10 and 11? Did a directive come from Washington? Did President Barack Obama issue a proclamation? Have the rules of flag etiquette been changed?
If this is in commemoration of Veterans Day, it is not an appropriate display of the flag.
Veterans Day is a day to honor our veterans – not a day of mourning our dead.
We honor the memory of our deceased veterans on Memorial Day. On that day, the flag is flown at half staff until noon and then it is raised to the top of the staff.
I am a veteran. I appreciate the service of all our veterans – especially those who have served in combat. They have sacrificed much more than I have and for their sacrifice I am eternally grateful.
I certainly appreciate the efforts of our post office to honor our veterans, but please let’s do it right.

Larry W. Cauthen