Fire damages home while owners away

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By Chris Sardelli

 Christopher Sardelli


A Lancaster home was severely damaged June 13 after a fire tore through the building while the homeowners were away. 

Several deputies and firefighters responded to the fire at 1:33 a.m. June 13 at 916 Crescent Drive, according to a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office incident report. 

Members of the Lancaster Fire Department were joined by several of the county’s paid firefighters in extinguishing the blaze, said Lancaster Fire Department Battalion Chief Justin McLellan.

When deputies arrived, they noticed the roof of the home was engulfed in flames, and also saw that the front door was open and there was a truck parked in the front yard, the report said. 

Worried someone may be inside, the group of deputies and firefighters began breaking windows and calling out for anybody trapped in the home. 

“Myself and other officers attempted to make contact with anyone in the house. We busted three different windows to what we believed was the bedrooms of the house and also breached the back porch doors in an attempt to make contact with anyone in the house,” a deputy wrote in the report. 

No one responded to their calls and due to the intensity of the fire, the responders did not immediately enter the house, the report said. 

McLellan said firefighters eventually learned no one was inside the home during the fire. 

“The homeowners were out of town,” McLellan said. “No one was injured and the firefighters were OK as well.”

He said about 3,000 gallons of water were used to fight the fire which damaged a significant portion of the house. 

“Most of it was water damage,” he said. 

As for the cause of the fire, McLellan said firefighters still haven’t figured out what started the blaze.

“The firefighters at the scene searched for the cause, but it’s still listed as undetermined,” he said. 

Estimated damage to the home is about $50,000, McLellan said. 


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