Faulkenberry Christmas basket fund surpasses $6,000

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By Chris Sardelli

Christopher Sardelli


With almost two weeks left for people to contribute, the revived Ward Faulkenberry Memorial Christmas Basket fund is already coming close to reaching last year’s total.

HOPE in Lancaster, this year’s organizer for the fund, has collected $6,076 since Dec. 5, bringing the total collected thus far to $7,151. The total amount collected in 2007 was $9,250. 

Elaine Adkins, executive director of HOPE, is pleasantly surprised by the surge of donations in such a short amount of time.

“I’m very excited about the response that has come in so far,” Adkins said. “We’re just so appreciative of the way the community is stepping up in this time of need.”

HOPE, a charitable organization which stands for Helping Other People Effectively, recently took on the fund from the local chapter of the American Red Cross, which organized the fund for the past five years. The fund is an annual drive that provides food vouchers or grocery store gift cards for local families during the holidays. It is named after the late Ward Faulkenberry, a former athletics officer and commander of American Legion Post No. 31, who founded the fund 49 years ago.

Adkins has received contributions from several people who were worried the fund would not continue, including members of the Faulkenberry family. She recently spoke with Charlotte resident Kipling Wilson, whose mother used to volunteer at HOPE. He was also concerned with keeping the fund going, and donated $50 to the cause.

Adkins hopes the contributions will continue to pour in and that they will surpass last year’s amount.

“We’ve got good people in Lancaster County,” she said. “When people realize there is a need, Lancaster people do come through. They have in the past and they’re doing it again now.”


Want to help?

To donate to the Ward Faulkenberry Memorial Christmas Basket Fund, make checks out to Christmas Basket Fund, and send to Christmas Basket Fund, P.O. Box 166, Lancaster, SC 29721; or drop monetary donations off at the The Lancaster News, 701 N. White St., Lancaster, SC 29721. Donations will be accepted through Dec. 24. For details, call 286-4673.


Donors from Dec. 5 through Thursday include:

Barbara S. Gibson, $50; Mary and Leo Maguire, $50; Maxie and Edie Robinson, $200; Bernice Williams, $25; Shirley Buckner and family, in memory of Bob Buckner, $100; Granvil and Betty Peagler, in memory of Lewis Peagler and Jimmy Duncan, $10; Mrs. Geraldine Moran, $25; Adult Fellowship Class First Methodist Church, $100; Margaret and Samuel Catoe, $100; Anonymous, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lasley, $50; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cohen, $100; Louis Gardner, in memory of Jim and Maebelle Cauthen, $25; Women of Grace Presbyterian Church, $25; William and Linda Neal, $100; Mrs. A. L. Ivery, $25; Buddy and Suzanne Lever, $50; Jack Glover, in memory of Sarah Glover, $50; Anonymous, in memory of Mrs. Kittie Baker, $25; Wesley SS Class Hopewell UMC, $100; Madeline and Peggy Belk, in memory of Dorothy Bell Hardin, $20; Madeline and Peggy Belk, in memory of Onabelle Stiller, $20; Anonymous, $200; Anonymous, $100; Anonymous, $20; David and Janet DeCillis, in memory of Mandy Gregory, $150; Lola C. Kinder, $100; J&S Inc. Redi-Mix Concrete, $975; Phil and Karen Neely, in memory of Hughston and Lena Frowein, $25; Faulkenberry Family, $150; Clyde and Susan Adams, in memory of Reci Brannon, $100; Kipling S. Wilson, in memory of Thelma S. Wilson, $50; Frances Blalock, $25; Louie and Sara Belk, in memory of Mary and Worley Mullis, $25; Louis and Sara Belk, in memory of David and Minnie Belk, $25; Mack and Totina S. Blackmon, in memory of Jackie Stover, $25; Lucy B. Hayes, $25; Earl and Sandra Catoe, $100; Anonymous, in appreciation for all God has done for us, $100; Sara and Mack Eddins, $100; Rhoda Byrd, $200; S. Max Ballard, $100; James and Martha Mahaffey, $50; Ken and Mary Ester Faile, in memory of Tom and Lena Parks Craig, $25; Anonymous, in memory of John B. Gardner, $25; Anonymous, in memory of Glenn Collins, $25; Priscilla and Jim Deaton, in loving memory of Buddy and Marion Porter and Linda Porter Garner, $50; Employees of The Springs Company, $271; Elaine Adkins, in honor of the HOPE Volunteers, $100; Anonymous, in memory of Grady, Gary and Mark Robertson, $150; in memory of A.G. Robinson, $25; in memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Threatt and Mrs. Allie Coker, $25; Doris Small, $25; Mr. and Mrs. Ken Boucher, $100; Patty and Alan Noll, $25; Reece and Rosemary Watson, $25; Evelyn Finch, $25; Jack and Shelby Roddey, in memory of Kevin Roddey, $200; Women of the Church Jean Love Circle First ARP Church, $50; Men's Fellowship Shiloh ARP Church, $100; Primary Sunday School Class, Douglas Presbyterian Church, $25; Rev. Bert Watson, $25; Anonymous, $100; Dr. and Mrs. T.B. Carroll III, $100; Pam Rothrock, $30; Eddie and Anita Adams, $200; Jim and Phyllis Bull, $100; Sue Kirk, $25; Mr. and Mrs. Sherrill Mullis, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Mullis and Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Estridge, $30; John and Mary Blanks Sunday School Class First ARP Church, in memory of Mrs. Flonnie Mills, Mrs. Mary Blanks, Mrs. Catherine Bowers, $200; Circle No.1, Douglas Presbyterian Church, $100