Farmer's market moving forward

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County Council reorganized its farmers market commission this summer and now it’s supporting a plan to upgrade the market itself.
Officials say since the commission was reorganized, with mostly new members, the market itself has seen an increase in business. But the physical location across from the sheriff’s office on Pageland Highway, could use some renovations. Councilman Jack Estridge said at a recent council meeting that the market facilities have been neglected for years.
Apparently, everyone on council agreed with him. Council unanimously approved giving the farmers market commission $3,000. The money will be used to install new tables, repaint the facilities, and perhaps, get cooling fans and some trash cans.
This is a worthwhile investment and really not much to spend to improve our farmers market.
More importantly, it’s a sign that the county is moving forward. Before it was reorganized, there were complaints that the farmers market commission was showing favoritism to certain sellers. That not only left a sour taste in the mouths of some would-be vendors, but was stagnating growth at the market itself.
The farmers market operates Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The farmers market commission oversees the operation and maintenance of the market.
Councilwoman Kathy Sistare describes the reorganized commission as being “really gung-ho to get this market going.” Councilman Larry Honeycutt says it has other ideas to improve the market, including adding more handicapped parking, welcome banners, benches in the aisles and air conditioning for the market’s back room.
This is refreshing and the kind of attitude that’s needed to make the market a big success.
Because the county has seen so much growth in recent years, especially in the Indian Land area, we think our farmers market is in a wonderful position to grow and prosper. It just takes people with a positive attitude to create a positive vibe that will help it take off. And right now, it seems we’ve got people who understand this and who are working to make this happen.
We’re looking forward to seeing the renovations at the market when they are complete. We’re also looking forward to seeing it evolve and expand over the years to come. If the farmers commission maintains its can-do spirit. The market can do just that.