Family mourns pet killed on highway

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By The Staff

We recently found our beloved dog, “Banjo,” dead in the middle of our road.  We live on Helms Road in Lancaster – quiet, secluded road in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it is used as a cut through street. Our neighbors are friendly and wave as they drive by.

Occasionally, this street is known for speeders. I can only assume this must have been a speeding vehicle due to the injuries our dog sustained. It was devastating, heart-wrenching way for our young child to start her school day.

Banjo was a little over five years old. He was a good old boy whom we loved dearly. He alerted us to strangers. He waited every day for our little girl to get off the bus so he could greet her.

Banjo was not only a family member but a huge part of our lives.

Banjo was killed in front of our house between 10 p.m. May 6 and 6 a.m. May 7. My question to the driver, “Did you ever consider stopping to knock on a door? Do you care? Do you have a conscious?”

I am heartbroken and angry. The fact is animals are killed every day. However, you had to be speeding to inflict the damage you did to our dog. Due to his size and the condition we found him in, you must have sustained damage to your vehicle.

It may not seem a big deal to some readers, but animal lovers know the pain we are feeling.

Banjo: We love you very much and will you will be truly missed.

Sammy and Brenda