Family grateful to those helped injured woman

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By The Staff

My 85-year-old mother and her sister were enjoying their girls’ day out last Thursday when my mother fell. With a bag in her hand, she simply did not see the curb retainer in the parking lot of Dollar General. She hit the pavement full force with her face and was profusely bleeding from the nose.

Our family wants to thank the kind gentleman who lifted her up and placed her in her car and insisted that she go to the hospital. We thank the wonderful lady who put her arms around Mother and had a prayer with her. Mother said that was the sweetest prayer she had ever heard.

We thank the store personnel at Dollar General who called 911 and supplied paper towels for the accident. Thanks to our aunt who gave the request to call 911 and stayed right with Mother until more family arrived. Thank you to the Lancaster County EMT’s who responded so quickly, tended to Mother so professionally and comforted her in her time of distress.

We are also most grateful to the Springs Memorial Hospital emergency room staff working Thursday afternoon. I cannot remember all of their names, but I thank everyone from the triage receptionist, the physician’s assistant, the nurses, the technicians and the discharge desk. We are impressed with your goals posted everywhere, and we certainly saw how hard you work to meet those goals during emergencies. Job well done.

Mother has a broken nose, but is doing remarkably well under the circumstances. We have followed up her care with her family doctor and will be seeing an ENT. Mother says God put many angels in her path last Thursday, and her family tends to agree with her.

Thank you Lancaster citizens and medical personnel. May God bless you as you continue to show compassion to those in need.