Family appreciates FUMC

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We would like to share our personal experiences as parents and grandparents in partnership with First United Methodist Church of Lancaster for the past three years.

Within these years we have witnessed the education, hard work and sincere concern shown from the teachers, staff and the wonderful Pastor Charles Phillips for the children.

Manners and sharing are always implemented and the evidence is in their everyday activities in the classroom and on the playground.

The books of the Bible are taught to the 4-year-olds in an easy song, “That does not rhyme,” something we have not mastered in our lifetime.

Field trips to the Antioch Baptist Church pumpkin patch, the Native American Studies Center, class parties and even picnics have allowed the children to have fun and learn things that will expose them to current events and give insight to what their community offers to people.

First United Methodist Church has given our son the tools to help develop and build character traits for the best start and the foundation to determine his destination in quality education and life.

We will always hold First United Methodist Church in the highest regards and admire their commitment to our son’s well-being and education for many years to come.

Curtisha Mingo

Chris Matulis

Curtis and Mary Mingo