Faile should continue to lead office

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Nov. 6 is right around the corner and I want to encourage everyone to get out and exercise their right to vote as there are some very important decisions that must be made.
For Lancaster County residents, the office of sheriff in Lancaster County is on the ballot. I have never really become involved in a sheriff’s campaign, but find it necessary now to preserve the professionalism that has become the sheriff’s office over the last four years.
It is my whole-hearted personal and professional opinion that Sheriff Barry Faile is the man for the job. In my 13 years as a law enforcement officer I have never worked for a more professional and driven chief or sheriff. When I came to the sheriff’s office 11 years ago we were a middle-of-the-road department. Since Sheriff Faile’s election we have made huge strides and have progressed to be one of the most professional and respected law enforcement agencies in the state. We have received state accreditation, more than $1 million in grants, new technology, new equipment, advanced and specialized training and state and national awards. We have completely reorganized, changed policies and procedures, and implemented new techniques and tactics to improve the organization.
All of these things were done under Sheriff Faile’s capable leadership to improve the quality of law enforcement services that the citizens of Lancaster County receive. Sheriff Faile’s 23 years of law enforcement experience far exceeds that of his opponent. I find it hard to believe that working five or six years at a police department with roughly five officers in any way prepares an individual to lead a department of almost 200 employees.
I have been told by a member of the Scott Case campaign that I, along with all captains and lieutenants, will be fired if Case were to be elected. I find it ludicrous that a true leader would believe eliminating 16 people and about 300 years of law enforcement experience was a good idea.
Since Sheriff Faile has assumed office, the hiring process at the sheriff’s office has been completely renovated. The process to obtain employment at the sheriff’s office is lengthy and the extensive process coupled with higher standards result in us hiring roughly 7 percent of applicants. I would love to know how Mr. Case plans on replacing 300 years of law enforcement experience and 16 people without lowering the current standard for hiring and negatively affecting the service provided to the citizens.
Many of the other ideas that Mr. Case says he would bring to the sheriff’s office are already in effect. Mr. Case said the financial records should be transparent. The sheriff’s office’s finances are already public record. Mr. Case said he would be tighter with the budget. Over the last four years Sheriff Faile has been an outstanding steward of the taxpayer’s money.
Sheriff Faile personally approves every penny that comes out of the sheriff’s office’s $9 million budget. As a result of Sheriff Faile’s management the sheriff’s office has finished each of the last four years under budget for a net savings of $3.19 million. If you ask me that’s a pretty tight ship.
The last of Mr. Case’s key platforms seems to be that he is a Republican. Sheriff Faile is running under the Democratic Party, but it is my belief that there is no Republican way or Democratic way to enforce the law. The law is the law.
Although my political views generally align more with the Republican party, I have always felt that the sheriff’s race should be non-partisan; but it is not. This is why it is important for those who are considering voting a straight ticket in November, reconsider. A straight Republican ticket vote in November would not be a vote for Sheriff Faile and would be detrimental to our agency.
Please understand that these are my opinions alone and they are not intended to represent those of anyone else. I have always and will continue to give 100 percent to whatever agency and leader I work for.
For this election and our agency, that leader needs to be Sheriff Barry Faile.