Faile has demonstrated his leadership ability

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I typically support Republican candidates, but I will be voting for Barry Faile for Lancaster County sheriff. Sheriff Faile will not appear on the Republican ballot, but on the Democrat side.  So, of course, I will be voting a split ticket.
I would prefer seeing offices such as sheriff be non-partisan, but they aren’t. I say this because never, when a citizen calls for help, does the dispatcher ask if he or she is Democrat or Republican before responding to the call.
Sheriff Faile does have an opponent running under the Republican banner, who seems to be running on a platform of change. Change what?
Sheriff Faile has demonstrated leadership through exemplary professionalism evidenced by, among other things:
u Statewide recognition for training, operational and accreditation accomplishments
u A focused approach to drug and gang activities
u Award-winning officers under his expert supervision
u Successfully receiving grants for more than $1.3 million for operations – saving taxpayers some money
Space limitations may prevent a listing of all the accomplishments achieved by his excellent leadership of a cadre of fine officers and staff. My hope is that you will consider voting this deserving public servant with 23 years’ experience in law enforcement back into office. If you are Republican, consider not voting a straight-party ticket in this local election.

J. Clyde McFadden
Indian Land