Faile column: Sheriff should be nonpartisan race

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Barry Faile, a Democrat, is seeking re-election as Lancaster County sheriff.

Throughout the course of the campaign season, I have been asked why the sheriff’s race is a partisan election. It’s a good question, particularly when you consider that the sheriff is responsible for enforcing the laws, not just those passed by a particular political party. A sheriff does not make the law or adjudicate the law – a sheriff enforces the law.

Let me first say that I feel the sheriff’s race should be non-partisan. There aren’t Democratic or Republican methods for enforcing laws at the local level. Our training makes no distinction based on political party ideology or voting preference. When people call for assistance, we don’t ask if they are a Democrat or Republican. As law enforcement professionals, we are trained to serve everyone in need.

When you cast your vote for sheriff on Nov. 6, I ask that you consider my qualifications, breadth of experience, professional education and training and my extensive list of accomplishments before deciding on a candidate based solely on a political party sticker. If you typically vote Republican, I ask that you do not vote a straight-party ticket and vote for me instead. 

It’s my opinion that party affiliation is largely irrelevant in the Lancaster County sheriff’s race. I am here to serve everyone and feel fortunate to have a strong base of support across all party lines. I am thankful for the confidence everyone has shown in me and the opportunity to serve as your sheriff for the past four years. 

I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.