Faile column: Chamber encourages you to vote on Nov. 6

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Dean Faile is president/CEO of Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce.

 Jobs have been the No. 1 issue on every candidate’s mind during this year’s election. 

The Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored two candidate forums this year on the campus of the University of South Carolina Lancaster featuring candidates of local races including Lancaster City Council, school board, Lancaster County council, sheriff, S.C. House District 44 and U.S. House District 5. In every race, jobs and the economy were at the forefront of the discussion. 

The chamber also believes our economy is the most important issue facing our county and country. 

On behalf of the Lancaster County Chamber’s Board of Directors and nearly 400 business firm members, we encourage every citizen to exercise your right to vote and carry this economic concern into the polling booth on Nov. 6.

Certainly, most people pay close attention to the presidential race and it is very important, but we encourage you to look closely at the local races. It is these local races that will elect our friends and neighbors, who will be making decisions for the next two or four years that will have the greatest impact on our day-to-day lives here at home.

In addition to the numerous candidates you have the opportunity to choose, there are two questions on this year’s ballot for local residents. The first concerns government restructuring, which will allow us to jointly elect the governor and lieutenant governor. The Lancaster County Chamber has supported this effort and believes a “yes” vote will help ensure government efficiency, accountability and consistency between these two state offices.

The second ballot question concerns the sale of alcoholic beverages in county restaurants on Sundays. This particular issue has both a moral and economic argument. While we respect the opinion of those opposed to the ballot question, the chamber supports the question based on the economic opportunity to create more jobs through potential restaurants that may locate to Lancaster County and the subsequent tax revenue and sales that would remain in the county.

Our primary request is for every citizen to exercise your right to vote, regardless of the candidate you support or your position on a referendum question. As Lancaster County citizens and Americans, we are all winners when we protect our freedom of choice by voting on Nov. 6.