Every vehicle should have a spare tire

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There should be a law on the books that no vehicle should be allowed on the road that does not have a spare tire. While this sounds like left field reasoning there is no chance that such a law would ever pass the Legislature because the automobile industry would have it killed it in its tracks. A requirement to provide a spare tire would eat away at the industries profit picture.
The general public has no idea that most dealers now offer a wide array of excuses when asked the question, where is the spare tire? Most purchasers of new automobiles automatically expect the car to have a spare tire, but find out to their dismay that only a kit is made available. In other words, the message is they are on their own.
Excuses range from a spare tire adds weight to the car and hurts gas mileage to “we provide road side service.” What good is road side service to a young mother with children traveling on a deserted interstate at 2 a.m. to meet her military husband? When her tire blows, she has no spare for the roadside service to change, or worse still, has no money to buy a spare tire and rim from the roadside service if her original tire cannot be repaired.
Sooner or later, and probably sooner, some mother or handicapped person will lose their life on America’s highways just to enhance profits for the automobile industry. People do help stranded drivers, but what good would that be if there is no spare tire?
Don’t depend on Big Brother to ensure your safety on the roadways. Simply tell the car dealer that if he wants your business he will provide a spare tire or you will not buy the vehicle. The best way to get their attention is to hit their wallets.

William W. Ferguson Sr.