Evans letter: If you can do a better job, then go for it

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Well, I read another reader’s opinion about our Lancaster County Council members. Seems like we have a bunch who love to spend taxpayer money on building and renovation.
For goodness sakes, we gotta make like things are going great. How in the world are we gonna bring in new companies if we look worn and shabby?
The way crime is increasing, it’s a good thing that we got us a fancy new judicial  square right smack dab in the middle of our historical district.
Lots of readers say they are unhappy with the way business is conducted down on Main Street. Things should be like they were at the last place they resided. Wonder why they left such a perfect place for Lancaster, where everything is messed up? Daddy used to tell me  that “the road which brought you in will also take you back.”
Come to think about it, who wants to be a County Council member? The published salary is below the poverty level. Who really wants to be in government? Who wants to take all the heat for things that make some folks unhappy?
Who wants to attend council meetings on cold rainy nights and listen to citizens always complaining about noise, poor roads, crime and zoning?
I don’t know what draws some folks into politics, unless it’s a deep feeling that maybe, just maybe, they can do a better job than those now serving.
Come on, let’s see the number of candidates for council growing by leaps and bounds. Pull out your compass and chart us a new direction.
I’m too old for the hassle, so I’ll just sit back and complain while I travel the road going nowhere.
W.B. Evans