Evans family grateful for help after accident

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By The Staff

About 7:45 p.m. on July 13, my husband, our two children and I were on our way home from Chesterfield County after attending a funeral and visiting relatives.

We were on Pageland Highway and it was raining. My husband was driving his truck and we began to slide like we were on ice.

He lost total control and we hydroplaned and landed in a small embankment on the side of the road.

It was the scariest thing I've ever encountered. I immediately began to call on God to protect us and keep us safe.

Our truck landed with the back end in some trees. We were told we could have been killed had the front of the truck gone into the trees instead.

I am so grateful to God for allowing us to live through this tragedy.

I had a facial and eye injury and the others only had a few scratches and bruises. I would like to thank all those who stopped to help us. There were several women from North Carolina as well as others.

I am sorry I did not get all the names. I would like to thank the family who lived nearby the wreck.

I want to thank the sweet women who helped my 14-year-old daughter and the woman who told us she lost her son in a wreck.

I thank Mrs. Keye from Buford High School and the highway patrolmen and paramedics who were so kind to us.

I thank my pastor, the Rev. Johnny Hefner, who sat the hospital with us until 1 a.m. and still went to work.

I thank my church family at Lynwood Drive Church Of God for the phone calls and prayers.

I thank God for his protection and for all the sweet angels he sent us that day. Thank you, again.

The Evans family, Rhonda, Ricky, Ra'Chelle and John