Enough is enough

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Some of our Lancaster County Council members kicked the new proposed B3 zoning plan under the table, even lifted the B3 moratorium before it expired, then fired the head of the county planning department. If the plan would have been approved, we would only have gas stations located on corners instead of everywhere and anywhere.
Now, we may have five gas stations within one mile. The latest, Quick Mart, if all the hurdles are cleared, would be built on the location where Young’s Nursery sits.
The new proposed businesses usually want some kind of variances, with 90 percent wanting more cut-throughs onto U.S. 521. So instead of having one entrance and one exit, they want two of each.
This is handled by the Board of Zoning Appeals since the ordinance states one driveway in and one driveway out. So the residents who oppose attend these meetings and explain why we don’t want any more outlets coming on to a highway that already has more traffic than anyone could imagine.
I applaud the BZA for denying a lot of these requests simply for safety reasons.
I have a copy of the 2012 Lancaster County Strategic Plan. One paragraph is on integrity standards of honesty, objectivity and ethical behavior guide for county commissioners (council members). It states that they will have the courage to conduct and make decisions consistently in the best interest of the citizens.
They say they encourage citizens to be informed and have a voice in the government and community affairs. We, in Indian Land now, have only one county councilman, Larry McCullough. He realizes our problems, but with just one vote, his hands are usually tied.
Some of the other commissioners are clueless to our needs. When residents here complain, they won’t accept our calls or e-mails. We are called their “cash cow,” because this is where the money is. A few of the county commissioners are only here for newspaper photos showing them wearing hard hats and holding a shovel. These are the people making decisions for us.
I don’t like writing negative stuff, but try going from S.C. 160 and U.S. 521 to the Indian Land schools. It’s 3.5 miles, but takes 30 minutes and they still don’t get it.
The legacy for Indian Land should be more than this.
Pat Eudy
Indian Land
(This letter first appeared in the Fort Mill Times, where Eudy is a regular columnist.)