Election day is just right around the corner

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By The Staff

This is our story of why we decided to retire in Lancaster and why we will vote “yes” to re-elect Mayor Joe Shaw, the only real choice in this mayoral race.

We are Carole and Charlie Seng, both Lancaster residents. We took a long and unusual journey before we finally settled here permanently. We were raised in Fort Wayne, Ind., and lived there for many years.

Due to Charlie’s lifelong job in life insurance home office administration and working for several different life insurance companies, we have had the pleasure of living and working in cities as far away as Fort Wayne, Ind; Milwaukee, Wis; Chicago, Ill, and Miami, Fla. We first lived in Lancaster from 1990-1997 and we quickly found we loved the city, its people and the laidback lifestyle.

Having lived in Miami for six years, we thought the Florida life would be better. So, we moved to Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., for a new job in 1997.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it came time for us to decide where we would permanently retire. It first appeared to us that Florida would be the best place to retire. Our six years in Miami and another six years in Palm Beach Gardens in the late 1990s influenced that.

But we soon found that the oppressive Florida heat, crowded conditions and high cost of living and real estate all made us decide to move back to Lancaster in 2004. That was the easiest and best decision we ever made. But why did we do it?

This was not a hard decision. Our memories of our life in Lancaster from 1990 to 1997 were still fresh in our minds. We loved the wonderful, friendly Lancaster people, the laid-back lifestyle here and the low cost of living.

Our growing dissatisfaction with Florida living quickly made up our minds. But how did we decide on such a momentous decision? We asked ourselves one simple question – where in our lives were we the happiest and most satisfied? Immediately and without hesitation, the answer came back from both of us at the same time – unquestionably it was Lancaster.

So, we sold our house in Florida in early 2004 and moved back to Lancaster. At first, we had no special location or house in Lancaster in mind, just that we wanted to move back here. We were fortunate, though, to quickly find a house in Lancaster that we bought nearly sight unseen.

And this is where our friendship with and admiration of Mayor Joe Shaw started. We moved into our new house in Lancaster in early July 2004, and, a day or two after we moved in, while we were still unpacking our belongings, a knock came at our front door.

Opening it, there stood Mayor Joe Shaw. His purpose in visiting us was to welcome us back to Lancaster. He did that with his big smile and wonderful personality. He said if was there anything he could do for us, just let to him know.

If you don’t think that impressed us, you have another think coming. Since that time, we have closely observed Mayor Shaw’s performance in office and can testify as to the mayor’s influence on the way the city functions and his strong management of the highly successful city services, such as garbage pickup, trash pickup and many other services, which are without a doubt, the best performed we have ever experienced in all the cities where we have lived.

We have found that if there is any problem experienced or question we have about city services, a quick call or visit to Mayor Shaw means the problem or question is acted on immediately and cheerfully corrected.

Such a management style is Mayor Shaw’s strongest point. This man was bom to lead and serve the people of Lancaster.

To decide who will be elected mayor in this election, the citizens of this city must be aware of the vast amount of critical and complicated abilities and knowledge that are required to govern the city as mayor.

Mayor Joe Shaw is a uniquely and highly qualified individual, who has, through his nearly 30 years as mayor, developed the knowledge and ability to work through the literal maze of hundreds of personal contacts and legal procedures that go into every day of his duties.

No other person running for mayor has this experience except Mayor Joe Shaw.

Wanting to get elected to this position is one thing. Having the experience and ability to continue to run this fast-growing city is really something only one person in Lancaster is qualified for and that is our own Mayor Joe Shaw. For Lancaster’s sake, re-elect Mayor Joe Shaw.

Carole and Charlie Seng are

Lancaster residents.