Election is about freedom for all of us

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Rob Emory

Are we going to let the government be controlled by the progressive Democrats and continue to take the country down the road to socialism? Recent polls indicate the country is beginning to reject the Democratic-led Congress that is taking over our free enterprise system and more control of its citizen’s freedom.
Most of the country’s citizens are coming to the realization of what the cost of the last election was when voters don’t do research, and only listen to the liberal-controlled news media.
The most powerful country in the world was turned over to the most inexperienced president in the history of the country.
I must confess that President George W. Bush made it difficult to vote for a Republican in 2008. But President Barack Obama is proof that you should not vote for someone just because they have a “D” or “R” beside their name, but know their ideology and background.
Now, knowing Obama’s ideology and experience, I would like to think a well informed electorate would have realized his ideology was not in step with the majority of Americans. Maybe in step with Venezuela, but, not America.
Obama never hid his plans while campaigning and basically has accomplished some of his goals. He must be confused with the public reaction and why his approval rating is so low.
He thinks the voters are not informed because how could we not like his policies. He was able to pass bills that the majority of the citizens did not want because of the Democratic-controlled Congress.
The majority of the country still loves freedom and wants less government control. Most Americans know that the more government gives you, the more government controls. Even people who don’t have an Ivy League education know that.
It won’t be easy to set the country on a different course. The Democrats still bring out the old play book  – class warfare, social justice, fairness and their greatest hit –racism, which they now use to describe anyone who is a TEA Party member or dares not to like President Obama.
Americans do not want government controlling their health care, what they can eat, what they can drive, or how to raise and educate their kids.
With the help of U.S. John Spratt, the Obama administration has been able to put programs in place that have added $3 trillion more to our national debt since January 2009.
Let the arrogant Democratic Congress know on Nov. 2 that we’re in control, not them. Those in Congress who blindly follow the party line have to be voted out on Nov. 2, including Congressman John Spratt.

Rob Emory