Editorial cartoon reflects liberal papers

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By Charles Seng

I was extremely disappointed and disheartened to see the editorial cartoon in the Oct. 26 edition of The Lancaster News. For those readers who did not see the cartoon, it was a reprint from USA Today, well known to be one of the more liberal leaning newspapers in the United States.

Although the cartoon was much reduced in size, but not by intent, the cartoon as much as says that the U.S. governmental wiretapping procedures to discover terrorist activity, limited to conversations between suspected terrorists outside the United States and suspected terrorists within the United States, breaks the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Apparently, it is the editorial opinion of The Lancaster News that the current handling authorized by the president of the United States to investigate suspected terrorist plans and activity via telephone and other electronic and wireless methods of communication by all means possible, with the full backing and approval of the attorney general and knowledge of previous similar actions by previous United States presidents, is tantamount to going against the Constitution.

Is it not enough that we are daily deluged with the constant lies and distortions of our big city newspaper to the northwest, which constantly regurgitates the views and lies of the Democrat majority in the U.S. Congress, supported by the liberal and leftist national TV and radio programs on cable, daily criticizing the actions of our president? Do you and all your readers remember how we all felt on 9/11, watching the beautiful World Trade Center buildings fall, with many thousands of our fellow innocent citizens dying horrible burning deaths?

Well, we can’t do anything about the editorial position of our newspaper friends to the northwest, but certainly, it is not too much to expect and ask our neighborhood newspaper, The Lancaster News, to remain faithful to the attempts of our president to do something about the terrorists who are out there trying to kill everyone of us.

Charles Seng