Dump Obamacare, concentrate on budget

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Doug Huffstetler’s letter to the editor, “Mulvaney not practicing what he preaches,” regarding Rep. Mulvaney’s health care is what I would call classic jealous Democrat whining.
Why does the writer not also consider federal, state and local union employees, who profess to want to serve us, but do not want the same benefit expense we have? Hypocrites.
I happen to agree with the writer that our representatives should have to participate in the same programs that they try to perpetrate on the taxpayers. However, to single out Mulvaney as a hypocrit for being opposed to Obamacare is absurd.
How soon we forget that Obamacare narrowly passed using behind-closed-door threats of some Representatives and millions in bribes to certain states – at our future expense – to force this welfare health-care scam through.
This trillion dollar bill is entitled “protection and affordability” when in fact it does neither. There is no doubt we need some health-care reform, but the current bill is heavily flawed at best. It does nothing about tort reform. It does nothing about reducing costs.
The guaranteed insurability clause has been taken up by less than 5 percent of those eligible for that very reason. It does not allow us to keep what we have.
Seniors have already seen their supplemental advantage policies dumped and we are all seeing our premiums rise. Small businesses finds themselves dumping coverage due to current cost increases.
The bill makes no provision, nor offers any solution to the additional doctors and medical staff that would be needed to handle the millions of additional participants. But it does provide for thousands of new IRS and other government agency employees at a time when voters have strongly indicated they want less government.
Today no one is refused emergency medical care whether it is provided by hospitals, Medicaid or other agencies. Obamacare needs to be put in the trash can where it belongs.
Mulvaney and the rest of Congress need to address true reform once they have dealt with the budget and the economy, which are the current priorities.
If asked do you want a job or health care I think we know what most would say.

Nicholas Pasquine