Driver didn’t bother to stop after hitting, killing pet

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By The Staff

This is to the girl who was driving a jeep down on Bailey Road in the Elgin community at 4:42 p.m. on Jan. 29. The speed limit is 35 mph not 65. I stood there and watched as you killed my little Smokey, who was my baby and my heart. You were so cold-hearted.

You didn’t even put on your brakes after hitting him. You just sped on down the road leaving me there holding him as he died. I was so close I saw you look back but you just kept on. What if this would have been a human child instead of my dog? Would you have kept on? Would you have stopped?

I hear the sound every night of your Jeep hitting my dog. I see your Jeep in my head as you drive on. I hope you never have to experience a loved one get hit and killed by a heartless person such as yourself.

You could have stopped. You could have slowed down. You should have followed the speed limit signs on this road.

I think you were rude, cold and heartless to have done this and not stop your Jeep.