Dream comes true for Mother Sylvia

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By The Staff

Mother Sylvia Jones is a lifetime Lancaster County resident who lives in the Southside community. She has had her share of obstacles in her 79 years of  life. After her mother died, Mother Sylvia took on the responsibility of raising her three siblings at the age of 17. The youngest sibling was 4 years old.

Mother Sylvia nurtured and cared for her siblings with great pride and joy. She continued the nurturing when she had her own children.

She later became sick, her leg was amputated and she was confined to a wheelchair. She could no longer do the things she enjoyed, like cooking, cleaning and working in her yard.

Mother Sylvia wanted to fix her home, but her health restricted her from completing her dreams. But her dreams became a reality when her former pastor, prophetess W. Ann Miller, now a member of Resurrection of Life Praise and Worship Ministries, paid her a visit.

Two construction teams did a complete overhaul of Mother Sylvia’s home. Apostle Mamie Lee Wilson, pastor of Resurrection of Life Praise and Worship Ministries, organized the interior design for the house.

Local churches, along with local businesses and churches from North Carolina, helped with this project. The word grew about the project and local residents volunteered their time, money and services. The three-week project included new flooring, painting, landscaping and furniture restoration.

People donated groceries, a chandelier, microwave, stove, washer and dryer, television and more.

When her renovated home was unveiled, Mother Sylvia said her sister used to tease her and tell her that her ship had sunk. But she never lost her faith in God.

“If you have a dream, hold on and don’t give up,” she said. “I thank God for allowing me to see what the Lord can do. Just trust in God and raise your children right. God can do what you can’t do.

“When I look in my bathroom, I feel like I’m in Rome. When I go in my bedroom, I feel like I’m in Paris. Everything is great. God sent me some special people who did not complain and worked in my house like it was theirs.”

A special thanks goes to Mamie Lee Wilson, Joseph Wilson and Resurrection of Life Praise and Worship Ministries, Pastor Gwendolyn McIntire and Lifeline Ministries, Annette Hall Ross, Donnie Ross and Grace and Mercy Ministries from Charlotte, June Mackey, Eric Hayden, Felecia Hood, Shawn Hood and Company and Williams Flooring.

Raynita McWhirter