Doughnuts not sweet on Buford soccer field

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Wow, those snowy doughnuts must have been real good. Really, was it that good as you sank in on the treat?
We’re not talking a tasty treat here, but rather a dastardly deed.
No good came out of a coward’s “joy ride” at the Buford Recreation Department’s youth soccer fields Feb. 16.
How could anyone have a good time as they drove an ATV and cut deep-rutted doughnuts into the youth soccer fields?
What was this person thinking? Obviously, he or she was not thinking straight.
We suspect that someone, seeing the late afternoon snow on the field that mid-February day, couldn’t resist driving an ATV on it and having his or her way with the turf.
The damage from the heartless vandalism was just a small part of the crime. The damaged field forced youth soccer officials, coaches and players to find another place to practice. They would love to be on their field, but the damage might lead to injury.
Rec officials, coaches and players have shown great resiliency by finding another field and sharing in the use of the field.
The field was ruined just as the county recreation department was starting up its spring soccer season, an instructional league to help those youngsters either improve their game for play in the fall, or prepare for the competitive season.
“I think it’s a shame somebody would go out there and do damage like that,” said Lancaster County Parks and Recreation Director Hal Hiott.
The estimated damage is about $2,500. The field can be repaired, but it will take time. And time, in this situation, is not on the side of the youth soccer program.
The field can be top dressed with a sand mixture to fill in the ruts, level out the field and then reseed the area.
That sounds easier than it can be done though, because time is crucial and warm weather is needed for the grass to take root.
For now, the field has been shut down, but the players and coaches are doing their best to move forward with the program. We admire their determination to play on.
We hope that same determination will spark law enforcement officials to pursue whoever is behind the senseless act. Residents can also help. Somebody knows something about the deed, so come forth and do the right thing.
People who act like that don’t need to have another chance at a similar deed.
“This shows a complete lack of pride by these people who did it, in the Buford community where they’re damaging things,” said soccer coach Sammy Macy.
We hope in time the reworked field can be used again, but more important we hope the person responsible for the deed will be brought to justice as quickly as possible.
That would be sweet news, better than any doughnuts.