'Don't give Spratt another term to waste our heritage'

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By The Staff

U.S. Rep. John Spratt spoke to the Lancaster Democratic Party in March. Spratt said there are still things he needs to do in Washington and asked for their support in the coming election. I suppose he wants to return to Washington to vote for more legislation that he never reads and will cost South Carolina more money.

Spratt said he champions President Barack Obama’s ideas and all he has accomplished. I guess that means he wants to spend more borrowed money from China, Japan and Russia to provide more money in Africa for Muslim schools. Money our children will have to pay back.

I wish Spratt could vote for us instead of the Obama world order. He said he fully supports the health care bill. The bill that will reduce Medicare coverage, increase health care cost and reduce coverage.

Plus for the first time provide more criminal charges if you don’t buy Obama’s health care. You will see in 2012 when you start paying taxes on health care your employer provides. I estimate that will average $1,800 a year based on the basic charge.

I guess Spratt will vote for the cap and trade bill that will increase the cost of all energy. Maybe he will read this one or maybe not. It’s only 900 pages of rules that will dramatically increase everything you buy. Energy is in the cost of food, furniture, gas, fuel oil and clothing. The bill actually states it will “dramtically increase the cost of energy.” I didn’t that the sponsors of the bill said that.

Spratt doesn’t need another term in Washington. He says, “I feel there are still things I can do for the good of South Carolina.” Please Mr. Spratt, you have done enough. I know you think Obama has quote, “done a magnificient job.” I wonder if our children will remember you, Obama and Democrats’ friends with such regard.

Please people of York, Lancaster and Chester counties, don’t give Spratt another term to waste our American heritage, spend us into third world and reduce our quality of life for generations to come.

John Marshall Hilton