Don’t forget reassessment vote in 2005

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By The Staff

I live in Lancaster County Council District 7 in the Buford area. I hope the people in District 7 and Lancaster County have not forgotten the reassessment in 2005 that Lancaster County Council had said it was not going to do. Then five council members changed their mind to do it before we could vote not to allow a larger increase than 15 percent for three years. The appraised value of one of our pieces of property went up 45 percent just because we live in the Buford area.

The five council members who voted for the reassessment were Wayne Kersey, Rudy Carter, Wesley Grier, Jack Estridge and Fred Thomas. Bryan Vaughn and Alston Devenny stuck by their word and voted against a rushed up reassessment. Then in 2006 another budget increase. In 2007 another budget increase. Now according to The Lancaster News, Mr. Kersey is saying we need to cut back in 2008.

Doesn’t this seem odd since 2008 is an election year for Mr. Kersey? After three years of voting for increases Mr Kersey is saying it is time to stop. Well, it will not work for me because I remember how he voted the last three years and believe Mr. Kersey is looking for votes.

It is not just Mr Kersey, it is the whole County Council that I believe needs changing. Council cannot continue to tax and spend. We, as property tax owners, have had enough of wasteful spending. Where there is an opportunity I urge other Lancaster County residents to vote for change in their district.

Howard Pinkey Plyler