Donors have positive impact

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Melanie Outlaw

Because our United Way of Lancaster County donors choose to invest back into their communities many lives have been impacted.
The money we raise here stays here. United Way of Lancaster County is the best way to invest in the community to ensure the most pressing needs are being met.
When you take into consideration that the population in Lancaster County is about 68,000 we are touching the lives of many residents in need.
Thank you to the individuals who invested in our county. You are truly an example of what it means to live united.
Please take a moment to look at how lives were impacted in Lancaster County through the United Way of Lancaster County. (Keep in mind these are impact numbers for Lancaster County residents only.)
u 116 individuals were assisted due to displacement of fire
u 1,846 individuals were trained for disaster/emergency preparedness
u 6,462 trips were made for clients with disability and special needs
u 4,527 children received books to read for early childhood education
u 100 children were able to participate in the Countdown to Kindergarten program
u 552 autistic children received family support and advocacy for school
u 94 adults were impacted through adult educational
u 103 seniors received
u 273 seniors received group dining
u 348 seniors received home delivered meals
u 8111 individuals received food
u 8,249 individuals received assistance for shelter, utilities, deposits and other necessities.
u 341 individuals participated in a program to get rehabilitated into society after being incarcerated. 15 percent returned to prison within 2 years after receiving the services from this program.  (state average is 24.9 percent)
u 9,350 individuals were educated on childhood cancers
u 14,117 patient visits were made for the uninsured or underinsured
u 88 individuals received HIV/AIDS medical care
u 470 individuals received HIV/AIDS prevention care
u 91 individuals received HIV/AIDS support services
u 240 fathers received services to help them become better parents and understand healthy relationships
u 180 children received a
sexual assault exam
u 440 individuals received a
forensic interview due to sexual assault
u 4,924 individuals received information (how to respond) on sexual assaults
u 7,628 individuals received counseling or information on follow up for sexual assault
u 205 individuals received support/counseling from domestic violence
u 13 individuals received emergency shelter because of domestic violence
u 68,868 total impact from agencies
u 307 individuals received free tax preparation because their household hold tax return was $51,000 or less
u 1,900 individuals received free food from the community garden
u 11 individuals received services through our Day of Caring
u 1,500 children received school supplies through our Stuff the Bus program
u 147 individuals received a free coat through out annual coat drive
u 2,340 individuals received food through Stamp Out Hunger (based on 4.7 pounds of food per day per person)
u 3,268 individuals received a discount on prescription medications because of our Familywize discount drug cards
u 1,541 calls were placed into 211 because families needed to be connected with a resource that could help them
u 11,014 total impact from UW programs
Major impact
u 79,882 total impact for Lancaster County residents

Melanie Outlaw is executive director of the United Way of Lancaster County