Don’t vote for party; vote for best person to do the job

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There are only 46 days until Election Day, Nov. 6, 2012. There are a lot of exciting races going on in South Carolina and the finish line will be late into the night.
As seen in Columbia and in Washington, D.C., politicians go along to get along. Some like to shake up the standard of politics as usual while others will not make waves for fear of repercussions in their own political careers.
Such is not the case in our own local House District 44 race. Petition Candidate Joseph Coy is not going along to get along. He is straight forward and honest about what he sees to be the right approach for the different issues that are affecting everyone in Lancaster County and South Carolina.
Joseph Coy isn’t in this to win a popularity contest. He is in this race for the House seat because his experience as a small business owner and parent. His desire to improve what is wrong with the economy in Lancaster and South Carolina is what spurred him to get involved.
He is strong in his conviction to spend your and his money wisely in his community. He is willing to put his ability to manage the ways and means and return on investment in Lancaster County. He has ideas of what will work and be productive to get people moving into job placement. He will be an asset to District 44 and his colleagues in Columbia. His multitude of experiences from the workforce, owning his own business, being a family man and serving in the U.S. Marines, gives him an edge to problem solving and trouble shooting on a particular bill that is not quite right for the people.
I am voting for petition candidate Joseph Coy for the S.C. House District 44 because I know he is the best person to get Lancaster County growing again.
A big thank you goes out to Operation Lost Vote who is supporting Joseph Coy and all of the other petition candidates and for giving free resources like “Vote Petition” bumper stickers and other useful means to get their name and message out.
Remember, it’s not the party you are voting for but the best person for the job.

Mary Atkinson