Don’t set limits on opposing opinions

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What an impressive rebuttal letter, “W.B. Evans, an intelligent source?,” Dianne T. Evans wrote in the July 27 edition of The Lancaster News. She was referring to some recent comments W.B. Evans wrote regarding FOX News and Dr. Charles Krauthammer. Not only did she attempt to elevate Krauthammer to unrealistic heights of intelligence – nay, genius – but at the same time impress us with her own linguistic artistry and ability. However, there are different levels and forms of intelligence – fluency of expression is only one.

She exhibited her own limitations when she labeled those of us with opinions opposite to her own as possessing only meager insight into journalistic matters.

Come now, Ms. Evans, shouldn’t everyone be able to disagree with a news source without being labeled as ignorant?

Maybe that shows some ignorance of your own.

Nuf said.

Joanne S. Graves