Don’t repeal the Affordable Care Act

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U.S. Congressman Mick Mulvaney has given top priority to repealing the Affordable Care Act, which most Republicans refer to as “Obamacare.”
This is despite his participation in a fine federal plan that contains all the benefits of the act. (We taxpayers pay most of the premiums that are due on his plan.) But he is determined to deny the benefits to his constituents. 
A Harvard study shows that the old health-care system caused 45,000 people per year to die, due to their lack of health insurance coverage.
Strangely, this seems acceptable to those on the right, even though they were properly outraged when the 9/11 attack killed about 3,000 people. 
People (including children) were denied coverage or kicked out of plans, because (God forbid) they got sick. People were also expelled because their medical expense exceeded a ceiling.
Personal bankruptcies, due to medical expense, were soaring. Moreover, we were paying per capita double what those in other countries pay for superior health care. The World Health Organization, which considers many aspects of health care, ranks the United States 37th out of 40 advanced countries relative to health care. Further, our inferior system was subject to annual double-digit cost increases, which threatened to bankrupt the country. The biggest lie we hear is that we now have a government system.  Considering that doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals remain independent, it is hardly a government system.
Actually, we would be better off with an adjusted Medicare opened to everyone. Medicare is beloved by nearly all participants and is 10 times more cost efficient than the private health insurance companies.

Lou Desser
Indian Land