Don’t let law enforcement, USCL suffer

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I am very proud of Lancaster County Council and its efforts to bring us up to date on several fronts – the upgrades for our EMS and fire departments, the new courthouse, which we can all take pride in, and the support it gives our law enforcement.
In recent coverage of the County Council meeting discussing the budget, I was concerned that some of our council members – after studying the budget for three months could not vote for “a blank sheet of paper.” Did Councilman Cotton Cole miss the meetings or was it an error on his part saying those words?
In this county, with unemployment at an all-time high, I can understand some reservations for holding the tax burden to a minimum.
The road tax increase could be put on hold for the time being.
However, I don’t want our law enforcement agencies cut back, nor do I want our university to suffer.
This campus relies on our local support for a large percentage of its budget.

Dave DeBruycker