Dog owner should not be penalized

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I would like to make a comment about the story, “Dog hoarder facing charges,” in the June 15 edition of The Lancaster News. Lawrence Sherrill has more than 50 dogs that he takes good care of. It is a shame for citizens like him to be penalized for keeping dogs on their own property. If they are cared for, dogs should not be any different than breeders or someone raising cows, horses, cats, sheep, chickens, birds or any other animals. If taken away, the animals would be euthanized. It is a disgrace for animals to be killed when they are cared for and loved by someone who really cares. At least he has compassion. Does this lead to limitations to others? Will we have to limit our animals? Maybe the animals could be relocated to larger towns where humane societies could find them homes.

Dianne Dowdler