Do we no longer care for human life?

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At Christmas time we are more aware of gifts than any other time of the year. Gifts galore. Regardless of the day each and everyone born has been given a great gift – life.

Why is life so seldom revered? The candlelight vigil held Dec. 20 by the Lancaster Police Department was in remembrance of local people who died from violence in this area – many right here in Lancaster.

It was such a somber, thought-provoking event to be sure. The puzzling thing to me is a few days after that memorial there was a large electronic sign on Main Street announcing an upcoming murder mystery.

We can see the pillars of society crumbling before our very eyes. There is no sanctity of human life.

It is a deadly blight on we, the people, whether by abortion or reckless violent acts with weaponry.

Have we all helped cause this loss of reverence for the gift of life by what we read, what we watch on TV and what movies we choose to see?

The gift giver has the answer.

Patricia Coniguliaro