Disrespect of flag illustrates disrespect of troops

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In this era of patriotism when we are encouraged to show our patriotism, support and respect to our troops and nation, I am appalled at the way some people desecrate and disrespect our flag.
With a modicum of patriotism they run a flag up their pole and forget it. It stays raised day and night, rain or shine until it is a tattered rag. Once it blows away or people take it down, I’m not sure how they dispose of it. I doubt they go to the effort of proper disposal – either through the Boy Scouts of America or the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
This slovenly action not only disrespects our flag and nation, but also displays no respect for those brave men and women, who over the centuries, have fought, killed and were wounded or killed to protect that flag and those persons’ freedom to desecrate that very flag.

Laura Kaleugher
Heath Springs