Disagree with other’s view, but don’t insult

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I’d like to respond to Crystal Stango’s March 22 letter, “Whittlesey’s gun control column ‘inane filler.’ ” Why is it that liberals can’t have a discussion without name calling or insulting the person who sees issues differently.
The entire letter belittled him. Why can’t you submit a letter that has a different view than yours – without the insults?
It’s liberals like you who live in a fantasy land when you think making another gun law will prevent shootings? How’s the war on drugs doing?
Why can’t you understand that criminals do not follow gun bans?
Do you actually think that before someone goes into a bank to rob it they will look up online, to see if the gun they are going to use is banned or not?
An assault ban was tried already in 1994. It had no effect. Law-abiding citizens who purchase guns properly are not the ones committing these horrible crimes.
How did prohibition turn out? Banning something has two immediate effects:
1. People go out and buy everything up, putting more guns out there. Just the mere talk of this issue has caused a boom in assault riffle sales.
2. You create more crime. Now you have a huge gun black market to deal with. As for your background checks, maybe you and people like you trust this government with your full medical history. Well, I don’t.
Where does it stop? You want them to know what you, or your husband, tells your doctor? You want government to know all your little marriage issues? Unlike other countries, we have a Constitution and a Second Amendment. It’s that simple.
You have a president right now who has the authority to drop a drone on you, You want to defend your family with a potato gun that’s your business, I want to be able to protect mine with as much as my Constitution allows me.
Again, if you want to disagree with someone’s views that’s fine, but knock off the insults. I lost the whole point of your letter.

John P. Lage Jr.