Director, kids, volunteers worked hard on play

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By The Staff

I am very disappointed that The Lancaster News did not choose to cover the latest work of the Lancaster Community Playhouse. The first show of the year was Disney’s “The Jungle Book Kids.” The director, Eric Grace, and many helpers, held auditions just before school was out. The turn out for this audition was huge with more than 100 kids from Lancaster County participating. Eric immediately saw potential in so many of the children that he cast 20 extra children than the show originally required. Sixty children and young people of this county worked for weeks, practiced three to four times per week learning scripts, choreography and music. They put on five wonderful shows and did a splendid job.

The Lancaster News did not print one story or one picture of these children and young people. The cast and crew represented every area of Lancaster County. They worked very hard and deserved coverage from the paper. If 60 children or young people were involved in robbing a local business or residents, drugs or alcohol parties, fighting, shooting or rioting, they would have made front page news.

Positive works of children and young people in Lancaster County need to be praised by the paper. They deserve the coverage, not for advertising, but for all their hard work and their success. This would perhaps encourage other young people to break away from the traditional woes of our county’s youth.

I would like to thank the Lancaster Community Playhouse for providing this opportunity to our family. We are not members of the playhouse and have never been involved in any of their works. My 6-year-old grandson was cast as Mowgli and he enjoyed this more than anything he has ever done. Introducing him to the arts and theater has been a very positive experience for him.

I want to say a big thank you to the playhouse and all of the sponsors who made this possible for our children. I would love to see these opportunities in theater for children be offered several times a year. If local businesses would sponsor more than just sports teams, this could be possible.

If you’ve never been involved with the playhouse, I would encourage you to check it out. It is a wonderful thing and we are blessed to have them in this county. Thank you Eric, and the many helpers and volunteers who worked so hard to make the show a complete success.

Kathy Griffin


Editor’s note: Natalie Harris, a summer intern for Carolina Gateway, wrote a feature article about the play. The article was published in the July 16 editions of The Lancaster News and Carolina Gateway.