Democrats protect all Americans

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This a response to Nick Pasquine’s response, “Do Democrats have same response for all issues?,” in the April 17 edition of The Lancaster News.

His letter was a response to a letter written by me, Michael Jedson, “Remove tea party burden from Americans.” in the April 6 edition of The Lancaster News.

Democrats don’t waiver in their support of middle and low income Americans and immigrants. Republicans seem to care about the upper 1 percent and the tea partiers only care about themselves.

Since you want less government in your life, I would of thought you would applaud losing your Medicare Advantage Plan. The government was subsidizing it.

Now you have your wish. With homes in South Carolina and Florida, now you can buy private insurance with a voucher from your hero, Paul Ryan.

The Republicans and fellow tea partiers-controlled House in Congress shut down the government.

Since compromise is not in the tea party vocabulary, don’t go falsely blaming Democrats for Republican failures.

I believe the last count to sign up for the Affordable Care Act was 8 million Americans.

Cannot say the same amount for South Carolina not implementing Medicaid expansion to get health insurance for our citizens in this state. And let us not forget the health care jobs that would of been created with the expansion.

Lastly, since you live in Lancaster County, you live in Sen. Lindsay Graham’s district. You cannot vote for Sen. Tim Scott.

Michael Jedson

Indian Land