Democrats, liberal media out to demean TEA Party

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By The Staff

In the last couple of days, the far left and the liberal news has had the audacity to put out the most blatantly vicious lies that are made to demean the TEA Party. First, there was ex-president Bill Clinton trying to link the TEA Party rallies to a bombing of a federal building, which killed many innocent people.

Clinton is saying that people have to take responsibility for what they say. What? Jay Leno couldn’t have written this one if he tried. Clinton seems to have forgotten, or is it that he really just doesn’t care, that he lied under oath – committed perjury, suborned perjury, covered up evidence, withheld evidence and had sex with an intern while on the phone talking about sending our troops into combat.

And let’s not forget Whitewater, Travelgate, all the other gates, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Schwicker, Kathleen Willey, using the IRS against his enemies, taking furniture from the White House that wasn’t his, selling our nuclear secrets to China for money, and on, and on, and on. Yes, let’s take responsibility. Please.  

Second is the head of ACORN, Burtha Lewis, coming out and attacking the TEA Party movement by calling them a bowel movement. She ranted that what’s coming is internment, worse than what was seen in World War II. She also lambasted that worse than the Jim Crow days were ahead. Now, I don’t know what this hate monger is on, but I know that she is out to make the TEA Party look like the KKK.

Funny, but isn’t this the same ACORN being investigated in numerous states for fraud, voter fraud and other crimes? Wasn’t ACORN also caught on tape telling people how to hide money, how to cover up the use of underage girls as prostitutes?

Where are the Democrats? Weren’t they yelling about the Republicans and the TEA Party spreading lies and fear? Following the Dems like little puppy dogs are the liberal media, saying absolutely nothing, except repeating the lies of the Obama machine.

We wouldn’t want the Messiah to be mad at the media, now would we?

I seem to recall when the left marched and protested during the Bush days that then it was called patriotism and the right to protest. Now it’s just called racism.

How strange that everything that’s right has turned into wrong on the color of one man’s skin.

Ronald Hopkins