Democrat mission – we want more stuff

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I read Democrat Phil Noble’s guest column, “Business, innovation and the four states of S.C.,” in the Dec. 13 edition of The Lancaster News looking for the punch line. I found it.

After getting through his fund-raising travels across our great state, and telling us what we already knew about it, it, of course, ends with the Democrat mission statement – we want more stuff.

Well, Mr. Noble, it is up to government to protect you, using funds from the taxpayers. It is not up to them to give your base those funds.

When government does business development, be it in Charleston or Newberry, it does it for one reason only and that is to generate tax revenue growth. It is not from the goodness of their hearts.

And, of course, Mr. Noble does the cash-for-education routine again.

The reality is that we are giving education record amounts with little to show for it as scores drop, and those kids who do graduate often lack the skills needed to get a job.

In reality, it seems that additional funds to education simply go to the teacher’s union and then to the DNC.

Wonder if that is the real reason you want more cash for education? Kind of like forced taxpayer political contributions.

I know that personal responsibility is not a Democrat priority, but until parents back the teachers by seeing to it that their kids perform in school, education will not see any improvement, and that does not take more cash. I will anxiously await your next cash-grab agenda column.

Nick Pasquine