Dear grads: Go out, make a difference in the world

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By The Staff

Today’s the big day for Lancaster County high school graduates.

This day stands as the hour you’ve worked for since you launched your education career in kindergarten with the 1995-96 school term.

Today as those cameras flash with toothy grins and proud parents, take a moment to reflect on your journey.

It’s been a long road, one filled with challenges and new horizons. No doubt there’s been peaks and valleys along the way.

Does it seem like only yesterday you were entering first grade, or making that move from elementary school to middle school?

Or how about recalling your first day of high school. Can you remember the first day of school this year to launch the 2007-08 school term? Probably seems like yesterday.

Where did the time go? Well, there are tests, research papers, homecoming games, exams, SATs, dances, senior day, prom and now, believe it or not, graduation.

Your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles quite likely are pondering the same question.

It seems just like that camera flash, you went from taking your first steps to writing your name. Then in another flash, you were a teen in middle school wondering how to open that locker and in another flash, you were in high school. Now, here you are on the threshold of another major phase in your life.

As you take that step, take a moment to thank your parent or parents who have likely sacrificed and motivated you. Where would you be without their love, support and helping hand with homework and projects?

There may also be a teacher, coach or administrator who provided needed inspiration and encouragement to help you on your education journey. Be sure to take time, if you haven’t done so, to thank them and tell them how vital they were in making this day possible. They quite likely know it, but your grateful words serve to make it all worthwhile in their year-to-year tasks.

After the ceremonies Friday, many will be headed off for a few days of fun, probably the beach. Enjoy that time, but remember you are now mature adults and are in charge of your actions. Have fun, but keep in mind your future, no matter where its headed, is beginning. Be careful and return home to follow you dream.

What’s in your future? College or tech school, the military or a new job. No matter, we wish you the best of what life has to offer. With diploma in hand, you are ready to make a difference in our world.

Good work and best of luck.