Deadline to file taxes is Monday

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By Jesef Williams

When it comes to filing taxes, the Internet has made life a lot easier for Allen Brewington.
Brewington, who works in Lancaster, filed his 2012 tax return about six weeks ago online through TurboTax. The program, with its built-in assistance, allows him to complete his return by himself.

“They just tell me where to put in the numbers,” he said.
But even if Brewington didn’t do his own taxes, he said there’s no way he’d wait until the final days before the April 15 deadline, which is Monday.

“I’m not a last-minute person,” Brewington said. “I’m a planner.” Though Brewington has filed his taxes weeks ago, there are many people sweating and stressing as they hurry to meet the Monday deadline.
Accounting and tax office parking lots are sure to be crowded Monday with droves of people with W-2s and other tax forms in hand.

Stella Witherspoon, office manager at Witherspoon’s Accounting Service, began seeing the effect over the last few days.

“I’ve been busy all day long,” Witherspoon said Friday afternoon. “It’ll probably be the same way on Monday.”
Her office’s normal hours are 8 a.m. To 5 p.m., and she says that won’t change Monday. However, she predicts staff will be in the office hours afterward finishing up paper work.

She also expects to see customers after Monday.

“We do a lot of extensions,” Witherspoon said.
Like Brewington, Lancaster resident Chris Wescott won’t be among those last-minute filers. He took his tax forms to Nichols Hess & Associates about four weeks ago.

Wescott said he and his wife have CDs and IRA accounts, as well as medical deductions they must account for.
Because of the complexity of their finances, it’s not wise to wait until the last minute, he said.
“It take at least two to three days to get it filled out correctly,” Wescott said. “It’s beyond my comprehension.”
Here are some tips from the Internal Revenue Service for late filers on ways to avoid common mistakes:

  • File electronically
  • Mail a paper return to the right address
  • Fill in all requested information clearly
  • Review all figures
  • Provide the correct bank account and routing numbers for payment
  • Sign and date the return
  • Attach all required forms
  • Keep a copy of the return

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