A day I will never forget

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Sept.11, 2001, was a day of widely mixed feelings for me. The morning began as normal. I had a good feeling about what I would be involved in that day.
I had just bought a computer and was scheduled to attend a basic computer class at The First Baptist Church in Lancaster beginning at 10 a.m. I was about to leave home for the class when the news broke in on TV and reported a plane had just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers in New York City. They began to tell of the number of people who work in those towers, how many floors there were and about what floor the plane crashed into. They said the tower was well constructed and would likely withstand the impact of the plane and would not fall.
At first I thought it was an accident and I thought how horrible this is. I had a feeling of sympathy for all the people in the building and in the plane. A short time later they announced a second plane had flown into the other tower. The planes had been hijacked and this was a terrorist attack. This shattered my feelings. I had feelings of hatred for those who would do a cowardly act such as this. A sick feeling came over me. As I left home for the class I turned on the car radio and listened intently. They had more information and two other planes were involved.
Upon arrival at the church I shared the news with the instructor and other class members. I remember the instructor’s facial expressions of disbelief, then shock. She was about to lose it when suddenly her faith in God appeared.
“Let’s go down to the altar and pray,” she said, calmly.
As we all knelt down there at the alter a feeling of peace came over me. I didn’t learn much about computers that day. It was truly a day of mixed feelings I shall never forget.

Wade Hunter