Daughter for a Day

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Cunningham shares love of ‘Miss Mae’

By Greg Summers

For Frankie Cunningham, stopping by Morningside of Lancaster the Friday before Mother’s Day to present gift bags isn’t work.
It’s about being the kind of daughter Cunningham’s mom, the late “Miss Mae” Wright,  raised her to be. It’s a legacy of love in action.
“She was always color blind; everybody looked the same to her,” Cunningham said of her mom in a May 2009 interview. “Anything she touched turned to gold. She was a very lovable person and always had a smile. If you met her, you wouldn’t ever forget her. Her arms stretched around the world and her heart was as big as the world.”
Cunningham said her mom was a woman of strong faith who was quick with a Bible verse and would often pray for co-workers and customers alike at BI-LO or in the Lancaster High School cafeteria where she also  worked. Wright, Cunningham said, had a sixth sense when if came to people who were hurting.
“Mom never mumbled a word about any of that,” Cunningham said. “It stayed between her, them and God. She would always say ‘take your troubles to the Lord; take it to him.’”
Since her mom’s death in June 2002, Cunningham said she lives each day like it could be her last.
  “If people live life to the fullest like that, like Mom did, I know in my heart, everything is going to be alright,” she said.
“You’re going to pull to the left a lot of times and you’re going to pull to the right a lot of times, too. But when you have the foundation Mom gave me, you have a line that’s going to steer you back to the middle of the road you’re supposed to be on.”  

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