Dangerous dog laws need to be tightened

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I felt such compassion for the Landires after reading “Dog bite saga leaves Indian Land family upset” in the Feb. 11 edition. I’m fed up with the constant stories of these horrible dog attacks.
It sounds like the dangerous-dog ordinance is like so many other antiquated local laws that were created for times when Indian Land and Lancaster County were sparsely populated and very rural.  
With a heavy increase in population, the rules of any community need to be adjusted to protect the safety and peaceful existence of all.
How sad that after a vicious, unprovoked attack on a little boy playing outside his own home, the same dog is allowed to escape again and threaten more people. This is a case where the dog owners have to do the right thing even if the law doesn’t force them to.
I find it despicable that the Landires have to pursue the payment of their son’s medical bills through a lawsuit because of a lack of honor and responsibility.
I just hope they retain a pit bull of an attorney who will seek not only the cost of medical bills, but emotional trauma, pain and suffering and punitive damages.
When people have no heart, you have to hit them in their wallet. Of course these judgments would probably be paid by a homeowner’s insurance policy anyway, which means we all pay in the end, but that just opens up a new can of worms.  I trust the newspapers will keep us informed on the progress of tightening up the ordinances.  
If letter writing or petition signing are required, I’ll have pen in hand.

Crystal Stango
Indian Land