Current road repair system is not working

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Last year, The Lancaster News published a series of articles about the horrible conditions of roads in Lancaster County.
The newspaper cited examples through several photos. One of the roads was Taxahaw Road – the road I live on.
According to the article, the last time Taxahaw Road was paved was before 1994 and the S.C. Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining Taxahaw Road.
I live just below the Camp Clyburn ball park. The area of the road in front of my house is deplorable. At the end of my driveway, the road is crumbling and full of holes.
About every six weeks, a crew comes out and fills in the holes with some time of black material. The packing starts coming out as soon the repair crew drives off. The black material sticks to the sides and bottoms of the vehicles that drive through the holes.
In no time, the crumbling holes are back. Hupcaps are forever coming off cars as they bounce through the holes. And I am always picking up hubcaps from my yard and putting them beside my mailbox so the owners can retrieve them as they ride by.
Our current road repair system is not working. How long will it take before someone completely tears up his or her vehicle, or even worse, gets hurt or killed in an accident before the system changes?
Our roads need to be repaired now. We can’t wait any longer. Our property and lives are at stake.


Barbara Phillips