Crawford shows true kindness, generosity

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Sherrill Mullis

Betty Broome’s article about Shawn Crawford being honored by Clemson University was very interesting. Crawford deserved his recognition as a great athlete and a kind, caring, down-to-earth individual.
Especially since he is a resident from Lancaster County’s Van Wyck community. Very few residents from Lancaster County have ever had this honor bestowed upon them.
I like to call him my friend because he spent several hundred dollars at one of our former charity auctions performed by Mullis Brothers Auctions. I personally represented and auctioned that for Mullis Brothers Auction Co., as my brother was out of town at another auction event.
The auction was titled Running for Ryan and its sole purpose was to raise money for KLS disease (also known as Kleine Livine Syndrome). A young man, Ryan McKinney of Lancaster, died of that disease. McKinney’s mother, Donna White, is a teacher at Southside school and her dad, Mr. Floyd White, who is also my neighbor, was Ryan’s grandfather.
It was a cool, windy day in May 2007 and there was a good crowd to show up for the fundraiser organized by Ms. White.
There were multiple events that occurred on that day, but the auction, barbecue and donations portion of the event raised about $5,000. Mr. Crawford bid generously (several hundred dollars) and won the bid to several items, which is a tribute to his kindness and generosity.
No commission was charged for this charity auction. A free barbecue dinner was all that I needed. I could not eat the money, but the barbecue was very delicious.
I donated a collectible and valuable 1942 10-cent, 16-page comic book, which was purchased for $25 at the auction.
Another memorable treat that I got was to be in a foot race, along with other participants, with Shawn Crawford. Would you believe I finished ahead of him? Well... yes and no. Yes, I passed him. We were running at the track at Lancaster High School. Shawn ran like a bat out of hell on the first lap, and then, on the second lap, we joined him in the race as he passed us all again. He then slowed down so we could pass him, and that is when I made my move and passed him, as well as the rest of us.
All the spectators gave him a big applause for allowing the group to out-run him.
Following the run, he ate some barbecue and signed some autographs.
Shawn also showed his good sportsmanship at the Bejing Olympics in China while competing in the 200 meter race.
Shawn was running the event and as the competitors were running, another runner finished ahead of him, but lost due to a technicality.
The silver medal was given to Shawn, but showing his true integrity and sportsmanship, he gave the honor to the runner he felt should have won it.
Good luck to you, Shawn, when you race and compete at the Olympics in London in 2012.