County, schools a step closer to sharing funds

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By Jesef Williams

County Council and the school board are a step closer to establishing an agreement to share money the county gets from residential developers.

Since last year, members from the two entities have been discussing ways to help deal with growth in the county. The idea is to require developers coming to provide money that can help build new schools or maintain and improve existing buildings.

It's routine for developers to give the county a certain amount of money per home built as part of the deal agreements. The proposed plan calls for Lancaster County to get 60 percent of the money, and Lancaster County School District to receive 40 percent, council chairman Rudy Carter said.

The plan will be discussed at County Council's June 30 meeting and will be voted on as a resolution at its July 7 meeting.

The plan would apply to all resident development agreements established after that point.

School district superintendent Dr. Gene Moore and other officials don't believe such deals will generate enough money to build a new school. However, the money will go toward much needed repairs and improvements at existing schools.

Such improvements are sometimes delayed because of budget issues.

"Whatever we can get out of this will help offset those needs," Moore said.

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