Council should cut spending, not raise taxes

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I personally think homeowners pay enough taxes on their property. Lancaster County Council should look for ways elsewhere for the extra money they feel like they need.
The federal government feels that the cost of living hasn’t increased therefore senior citizens who depend mostly on Social Security for their income haven’t received a raise in more than two years and I understand that we won’t get one this year either.
There should be a way to tax everyone equally. Some people don’t own a home or property so they won’t have to pay more taxes.
Maybe you should consider cutting the salaries of County Council members and county employees to come up with more money or consider cutting spending.
Special-fund activities should be paid for by individuals who use the funds.
When we don’t get a raise or when our taxes go up without our consent, we have to cut back on our spending or the things that we need like medicine or food to come up with the extra money to pay taxes.
So, why can’t County Council do the same and learn to get by with the taxes (money) it already receives?
If the current council can’t come up with a way to get by on our current taxes, we could consider electing a new crew that will come up with ways to stop spending more without taxing homeowners to the extent of putting a burden on their limited income.

Barbara Faulkenberry