Council doesn't care about small business

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By The Staff

I am a business owner in the town of Kershaw and would like to voice my opinion on this vote of the blue law. First of all, it’s not forever. It’s only four weekends. Christmas is the heart of retail shopping season and a lot of business owners depend on this part of the season to bring up already soft sales (myself included).

To have the pastors of these churches say people shouldn’t shop, but go to church, is unfair. Their stake is as big as the business owners. They are afraid to lose money. Remember, less people in church, less money in the plate.

As for council members – people we elect – to say no one would shop in Lancaster even if we swung the door wide open, what message are you sending to the people in which you serve? Maybe if the people we elect shopped in the county they serve, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If you let people know they can shop locally, maybe they would.

For those of you that don’t own a business, every penny counts to us. We business owners put on sales and discounts and perform above average customer service to draw people in. Then the county tells us we can’t open on Sunday mornings. I’m not saying we should all open on Sunday, but we should have the option.

Shoppers could save gas by shopping locally.

Not to mention all the gas you would save from shopping locally. For all who voted against this blue law to save church and family on Sunday, go into Walmart on any Sunday and see what their selling. Tell business owners the truth. Small business must stay closed and go to church, while big corporations, like Walmart, run us out of business.

Russell Dwyer

Virigina’s Dream owner