Corley captures first LSS checkers

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Racing Roundup

By Michael Knight

Richie Corley captured his first career win at Lancaster Super Speedway in the Limited Late Model Division on Saturday, June 8.

Corley, in the Heintz Performance Limited Late Model main, was on the front row with Timbo Mangum. When the green flag fell, Corley, Mangum, Thomas Hedgpath and Richard Clew roared into turn one battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Mangum powered to the lead over Corley, Hedgpath and Clew.

Entering turn three, Mangum slammed into the turn three and four walls, with Mangum nearly going over the wall. This caused a caution and Mangum pitted.

He returned to the crowd’s roar to start in the rear.

When the green waved to restart, it was Corley, Hedgpath, Clew and Robbie Bailey battling for the lead entering turn one. Mangum was charging hard through the field, drawing a huge roar from his fans.

With about four laps left, Mangum was third and his fans went crazy in the grandstands. He set his sights on the lead duo of Corley and Hedgpath. With about two laps left, Mangum hit the outside of turns one and two to catch Hedgpath. In an exciting battle for second, Hedgpath and Mangum made contact and the caution was called on Mangum to end his solid run.

On the restart, Corley, Hedgpath and Clew battled for the lead. Hedgpath gave his all on the last lap, seeking to pass Corley but was be unable. Corley captured his first career win at LSS.

u In the Cauthen Motors Pure Street Division, the front row had “Burn ‘Em Down” Steve Hinson and “The Superstar,” Ryan Whitaker,

At the  green, Hinson, Whitaker, James Marion and Josh Langley contested for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Hinson had a mirror full of Langley.

As the laps passed, Hinson and Langley battled for the lead. These two great drivers had the house rocking, cheering both drivers.

All race long, Langley sought a way around Hinson, but Hinson had the needed runs exiting the turns to keep Langley at bay. With about three laps left, the race turned into a classic between Hinson and Langley. Langley was all over Hinson’s bumper, pushing the Red 10 down the straightaways. Langley dove below Hinson in the corners only to see Hinson power back by on the outside.

Coming to the white flag, both drivers drove their hearts out. Entering turn one, Langley was in Hinson’s tire tracks.

Exiting turn two, Langley pushed Hinson all the way down the back straightaway. Entering turn three, Langley dove below Hinson again, but Hinson powered back by on the outside.

With loud cheers from the stands, Hinson and Langley crossed the finish line, with Hinson taking the win in his Parks Nash Engine Builders No. 10 machine.

u In M&M, Garage Muffler & Tire Extreme 4 (FWD) Division, the front row was Mike Baucom and Mel Privette. At the green, Baucom, Privette, David “Pork Chop” Motes and Shorty Lacey battled for the lead.

As the laps ticked off, Baucom seemed to have the race in hand, but the B-14 Bomber of Privette ran down Baucom coming down the straightaways. Privette’s B14 would not turn in the turns, but coming down the straightaways his car was rocket-like.

During the race’s midpoint, a scary crash on the back straightaway involved Brad “T-Bone” Hinson.

Hinson lost control of his No. 24 machine and hit the outside wall hard nearly flipping, but the car spun  around in a circle in mid-air. Hinson walked away from the wreck OK.

When the race restarted after the red flag, it was Baucom and Privette battling.

On the last lap, Privette put his B14 in the wind and gave it all he had only to come up short and Baucom won.

u In the Montgomery Towing Super Street main event, the front row was Timbo Mangum and the returning Michael “Chicken” Outlaw. Mangum was shooting for five wins in a row.

At the green, Mangum, Outlaw, Michael Deese and Johnny Starkey battled for the lead. Exiting turn two, Mangum led over Outlaw, Deese and Starkey and stayed out front for the checkers.

u In the Deal 1 Auto Sale Crate Sportsman main, the front row was similar to what it has been most of the this season, Hank Taylor and “Ole Seven-Time The Red Rocket,” Jeffrey McGuirt. When the green fell, it was Taylor, McGuirt, Justin Payne and the returning Kyle Norwood battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, McGuirt used his nickname, “The Red Rocket,” blasting to the lead.

McGuirt pulled away from the field for the win.

The man on a mission was Jacob Catoe as he worked his way from starting ninth to second.

u In the Vintage Division, the front row had Marty Spittle and Don Burns.

When the green flag dropped, it was Spittle, Burns, Marty Batson and Mike Helms battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Spittle led over Mike Harrington. As the laps passed, Spittle and Harrington pulled away for a lead battle. Spittle pulled away for the win.

Lancaster Super Speedway is off Saturday night, June 15 for summer vacation. LSS returns to action June 22 with Limited Late Models, Super Street, Crate Sportsman, Pure Street, Extreme 4 and Vintage.

If you missed any of the racing action from Saturday night, Jackie Sims will have DVDs for sale at $10 on June 22. To learn more about Lancaster Super Speedway visit the track website www.lancastersuperspeedway.com. To discuss track action visit www.Dirtracefans.com and register.

LSS race results June 8

Super Street

Finish, Start, Car, Driver, Hometown, Points

1. 2, T1, Timbo Mangum, Lancaster, 36

2. 4, 11J, Johnny Starkey, Indian Land, 34

3. 6, 55, Joseph Engelbrecht, Rock Hill, 33

4. 1, 13, Michael Outlaw, Lancaster, 32

5. 3, 2D, Michael Deese, Waxhaw, N.C., 31

6. 8, 55W, Walter Cook, Lancaster, 30

7. 5, 38, Lane Faulkenbery, Heath Springs, 29

8. 9, 0P, John Corcoran, N.C, 28

Crate Sportsman

Finish, Start, Car, Driver, Hometown, Points

1. 2, 07, Jeffrey McGuirt, Lancaster, 36

2. 9, 17, Jacob Catoe, Lancaster, 34

3. 4, 3, Kyle Norwood, Waxhaw, N.C., 33

4. 1, 78, Hank Taylor, Lancaster, 32

5. 5, 23, Brad Broome, Fort Mill, 31

6. 7, 00, Jamie Thomasson, Rock Hill, 30

7. 8, 31, William Gregory, Lancaster, 29

8. 3, 29J, Justin Payne, Lancaster, 28

9. 6, 92, Michael Chaney, Waxhaw, N.C., 27

Pure Street 

Finish, Start, Car, Driver, Hometown, Points

1. 2, 10, Steve Hinson, Lancaster, 36

2. 4, 7, Josh Langley, Lancaster, 34

3. 8, 13O, Michael Outlaw, Lancaster, 33

4. 1, 24, Ryan Whitaker, Lancaster, 32

5. 6, 74, Elliott Miller, Monroe, N.C., 31

6. 10, 87, Brad Price, Monroe, N.C., 30

7. 7, 15, Mike Walden, Lancaster, 29

8. 9, 52C, Mike Courtney, Marshville, N.C., 28

9. 11, R58, Rocky Price, Wingate, N.C., 27

10. 12, 3, Tanner Norris, Monroe, N.C., 26

11. 3, 75, James Marion, Fort Mill, 25

12. 13, 14, Jesse Carson, Indian Trail, N.C., 24

13. 5, 30, Mike Harrington, Monroe, N.C., 23


Finish, Start, Car, Driver, Hometown, Points

1. 1, 45SR, Marty Spittle, Waxhaw, N.C., 36

2. 8, 30, Mike Harrington, Monroe, N.C., 34

3. 4, 31, Mike Helms, Lancaster, 33

4. 3, 01, Marty Batson, Monroe, N.C., 32

5. 5, 41, Steve Helms, Waxhaw, N.C., 31

6. 2, 49, Don Burns, Lancaster, 30

7. 9, 49X, Logan Stacks, Waxhaw, N.C., 29

8. 7, 51, Benjamin Helms, Waxhaw, N.C., 28

9. 10, 59, Jerry Knight, Kershaw, 27

10. 6, 3D, Chris Fincher, Monroe, N.C, 26


Finish, Start, Car, Driver, Hometown, Points

1. 2, 97, Mike Baucom, York, 36

2. 1, B14, Mel Privette, Fort Lawn, 34

3. 5, 12X, David Laney, Lancaster, 33

4. 3, 91, David Motes, Fort Mill, 32

5. 7, 80, Scott Barrett, Lancaster, 31

6. 9, 98B, Buddy Baucom, Rock Hill, 30

7. 8, 3, Lonnie Laney, Lancaster, 29

8. 6, 54, Thomas Whitaker, Heath Springs, 28

9. 4, 19, Michael Lacey, York, 27

10. 11, 24, Brad Hinson, Lancaster, 26

Heintz Performance Late Models

Finish, Star, Car, Driver, Hometown, Points

1. 1, 04, Richie Corley, Leesville, 36

2. 3, 28, Thomas Hedgpath, Chester, 34

3. 4, F5, Richard Clew, Mocksville, N.C., 33

4. 8, 4, Mike Huey, Chester, 32

5. 5, 45, Shaun Medlin, Monroe, N.C., 31

6. 2, T1, Timbo Mangum, Lancaster, 30

7. 15, 7, Michael Tucker, Kannapolis, N.C., 29

8. 6, 72, Robbie Bailey, Mooresville, N.C., 28

9. 10, G2, Kevin Godwin, Blythewood, 27

10. 11, 03, David Yandle, Monroe, N.C., 26

11. 7, 33, J. Yandle, Monroe, N.C., 25

 12. 9, 98, Wes