Coordinated effort helped save puppies

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Many dogs and cats go through the Lancaster County Animal Shelter and sadly not many can be saved. Mostly that is due to low adoption rates and also to the fact that the Humane Society of Lancaster has so few foster homes, and no building of its own. Pets that are adoptable don’t get a chance because there is no place where we can house them while waiting for that perfect forever home.
Whenever possible we will pull a pet from the shelter, get them fully vetted and place in a foster home to be socialized and loved.
But every so often the hand of fate steps in and helps those little innocents to a better place. Such was the case recently when two beautiful all-black Chow pups were owner-surrendered to the shelter. Shandy Everall, shelter resident clerk and picture taker, took their picture and promptly posted it on the shelter’s website. In no time, that picture went to Lancaster, Pa., where the president of Sebastian’s Foundation, a pet rescue group, saw them. Through a series of phone calls he got to me and asked the help of the humane society in pulling them from the shelter and getting them vetted. We were more then happy to help.
The pups were picked up and taken to Faulkner Animal Hospital and after testing were found to be free of disease and healthy enough for the plane trip to Lancaster, Pa.
After a week at Faulkner’s, I transported them to McWhiter Field to await Pilots for Paws. Pilots for Paws is a nonprofit group of small airplane pilots, who donate their time to go from place to place to pick up rescued pets and transport them to their new homes.
About noon Feb. 27, the plane arrived. We were his third stop that morning and, along with the Chow pups, he also picked up a beautiful three-legged Pit mix named Chloe from Chester County and two lab mixes that were driven here all the way from Florence. Though it seemed that plane was already full the pilot informed us that he had one more stop to make before heading back north. About 10 lucky pets went to new loving homes that day.
Most pets here are not so lucky, so they depend upon caring people in this county to adopt them and save their lives. If you cannot commit to a long-term pet relationship, please consider being a foster home for the Humane Society of Lancaster. Fosters do not pay to do this, they do not pay for any medical, nor do they pay for pet food. All of that is supplied by the humane society. All we ask of a foster is a warm, dry place for the pet to sleep, some love and affection and a willingness to allow them into your homes until a forever home for them can be found. Maybe you can save a life or two. Please contact me by e-mail at midwifesc2@gmail.com.

Mary Reimers
Humane Society of
Lancaster, SC president