Connect with our future

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By Blondean Funderburk

It is not a novel idea and it doesn’t take a PhD to know that children have a better opportunity to succeed in life when they have someone to support and encourage them. Ideally, that person is the child’s parent.  

Sometimes, however, that role is filled by a volunteer Guardian ad Litem. The difference?

A volunteer Guardian ad Litem is court-appointed to children who have been abused or neglected by their parents or other caregivers.

The Department of Social Services has become involved with the family and a family court case has been opened.

The volunteer Guardian ad Litem has the future of the child first and foremost in his or her mind.

A new volunteer first completes a free, 30-hour training program that teaches and enhances the skills needed for this important role.

A volunteer Guardian ad Litem learns to be a powerful advocate for the best interest of the child. Of all the adults who could be involved, the volunteer Guardian ad Litem is the one person whose only purpose is to always stay focused on the child’s needs and safety.

Connect with a child today. Be the adult they can count on to encourage and support them.

Be the one to make sure their voice is heard and they have every opportunity for a brighter future. Invest your time and your talents in our future.

Volunteer a few hours each month to make a difference in a child’s life.

Call me, Blondean Funderburk, in Lancaster County at (803) 286-6064.

The next free training starts Sept. 9.

Blondean Funderburk

Lancaster County                           Guardian ad Litem